The REAL ISSUE, isn’t the TYPE of gun, but the fact that America has simply TOO MANY GUNS! If there were LESS GUN STORES, these last few mass shootings wouldn’t have occurred, PERIOD!

Unless there are “medical psychologists” behind the gun counter, NO LAW will ever make it reasonable to think those people will KNOW WHEN NOT TO SELL A GUN!

From 2017: Wiki

The United States, 120 guns per 100 Americans

Canada, 34 per 100

Australia, 14,

England, 4

Japan, .03!!!



Rich Franco
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Jayland Walker, an unarmed Black man murdered by the Cops!

Last night, I watched the video of the cops shooting Jayland, 90 shots fired, 60 hit him!!! RUNNING AWAY from the cops!!!

90 shots fired and 60 hit him, MEANS that 30 SHOTS MISSED and went WHERE??? Cops don’t care WHERE!!!


This was the effect of both FEAR AND HATE on the part of the cops!

Somewhere, George Floyd is crying….

Civility and what’s next? My Concerns.

Civility and what’s next? My Concerns.
There is an ongoing debate here in America, that this “new” lack of civility here, mostly coming from the Republicans and directed towards the Democrats, is wrong and something THEY, the Republicans would NEVER DO THEMSELVES!
Hypocritical, for sure, but the Republicans are now the Party of the Hypocritical, say one thing to get elected and then another, once in. Say you’ll fix Health Care and in fact, even IMPROVE it, then, once in office, do the opposite. So the “Pot calling the Kettle Black”, comes to mind.
So back to this “civility “crisis” we seem to be entering, post haste! Democrats, Independents, and Progressives, have crossed the Civility “Rubicon” and not sure where this leads us as a Nation! If this continues to escalate at this same rate as now, there will be blood in the Streets! Think Charlottesville, ALL OVER THE NATION! Or Worse.
In 4 months, Nov. 7th, there will be 30-40% of this Country, pissed off, losers, and beyond frustration. If the “blue Wave wins then the Trump Base will be up in ARMS, literally and the President will encourage them to do so, for this Fake Election! If the Republicans hold the House and Senate, then the Dems and Independents will be in the streets once more, but with torches and pitchforks! How will they express that frustration and can it be controlled before it expands into a true Civil War?
How do we begin to stop this?
Rich Franco 2020