Trump’s Lies About Deportation

Last night on Vice News, they discussed deportations and incarceration of illegals here in America. ICE, has a goal to maintain, certain number of arrests and in years past, people coming through the borders, illegally, were enough to meet those goals. Now with Trump, far fewer people are coming across the border, so ICE needs to look elsewhere, than just the border.
According to news sources, arrests are up 42% now, since Trump took office and then the number of people that are being deported and/or detained WITHOUT criminal records, is up 156%!!! From 4200 to over 10,000 fathers,mothers, siblings and others, and again, another lie from Trump, who promised during and AFTER his campaign, that he would only deport/detain “Bad Dudes”.

Thanks to Trump and his thugs, the word “compassion” has now been removed from the description of America.

“FEAR” has replaced that word!


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