Why Gay Rights happened and Black Men are still being killed by Cops

Just finished the movie “Stonewall”, about the early days of Gay Liberation and the brutality of cops in NY and how one night, changed the World! Today, mostly, Gay rights is expected and allowed. 77 Countries still have laws against homosexual activity and some, where Trump is visiting, include death.

I wish I could watch a movie tonight, about the days when racial hatred was finally defeated and was a thing of the past!

No movies and really no National movement! Black men are dying and being killed by cops, all over America now and yet, we accept this! Tulsa just released a woman cop, that shot and killed a black man, who had just been tazed and was laying on the street! This racial “thing” is still here in America and supported by our Government!

If I was wrong about this, many more cops would be convicted and sent to jail, but the numbers show, 1,000 black men, unarmed men are killed every year, by cops and only one out of that number, will face jail time! Tulsa should be the LAST CASE WE EVER SEE!

Gay Rights happened because there were MANY WHITE GAYS and we should face that fact! If the Gay movement was made up of mostly blacks, what do you think the result might be?


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