How to Tell Trump’s not Lying!

Here’s the thing! Let’s just assume that Trump is a pathological liar, really not much of stretch is it? Ok, that’s now established. We, won’t EVER know if and WHEN Trump is telling us the truth, neither will other World Leaders, when Trump agrees to Treaties and such, any promises he makes on behalf of America, who will know if it’s “truthy” or not, other than the Donald? He’s lied all his life, kept him out of serving in Viet Nam, bad feet or something, lied to most of the people he had deals with and hired for projects, lied to a couple of his wives, so far, and of course, on National TV, lied to the American People! Lying NOW about his business dealings, taxes, Putin and his “loan” to the Russians, and on and on!
Like they say, you can tell when he’s lying, because his mouth is open…….
So, in 8 days, and its’ the Inauguration and he’s up there with his hand on that Bible, that doesn’t mean ANYTHING to him and “Swears the Oath of Office”………………what are the chances, he’ll be lying then……too?
Rich Franco

Trump, not going to be a good Boss

As bad as things look with His Orangeness running the Country, I think it will be worse! Case in point: The Republicans a few days ago attempted to sneak a law in, to basically reduce the ability of the Oversight Committee from investigating Congress. Problem was, ain’t nobody no how, thought of asking his Orangeness. Next morning, HE tweets and the law is removed.
A number of things could have happened, nobody thought it was important to ASK you know who, they did contact YOU KNOW WHO’s people and they were given the go ahead or YOU KNOW WHO, changed his mind, and wanted to demonstrate his “power”!
We all probably have worked for a boss that sucked, maybe not as much as this guy, but close. Bad bosses can’t let people DO ANYTHING without his involvement! EVERY tiny decision HAS to be run by that bad boss. MEETINGS upon MEETINGS! Creates a terrible work environment and NOTHING gets done on time or effectively!
Well, multiply this about 1000% and you might get close to what this Administration is going to be like and when the rubber hits the road, and decisions NEED to be made quickly, for the sake of OUR COUNTRY, they ain’t!
On a very long list of weaknesses and bad behavior, we need to add, to that list, the knowledge that Trump KNOWS he’s not qualified and I think we saw an example of that, the first time he met with Obama and appeared overwhelmed.
You see a bully/braggart does what he does, to hide the knowledge that he doesn’t know what he’s doing, so he constantly is bragging about how great he is, to excess. Remind you of anyone? Maybe the next President? We’ll see soon enough……
“Good Night and Good Luck”
Rich Franco

Trump and “Brown Shirts”

A contemporary Mussolini, Brown Shirts can’t be too far behind……

I’ve mentioned this before, one of my favorite writers and singers, John Gorka, has on his “Temporary Roads” album, this song and VERY relevant NOW! The title of the song, is “Brown Shirts”
Brown shirts here in the white house
Brown shirts up on top of the hill
Brown shirts can you hear them marching
I swear they are marching still

Brown shirts for the good of the country
Brown shirts pride all over the land
Brown shirts give us law and orders
You’ll know when you raise your hands

Brown shirts is this how it all started?
Brown shirts oh no worse than their kids
Brown shirts sure they’re tough on the bad guy
Though they made him what he is

Brown shirts
Brown shirts
They’re a little more subtle now
Brown shirts than the “house painter” man
Brown shirts speak of God as their witness
But they would kill Jesus again

Brown shirts here in the white house
Brown shirts in their black limousines
Brown shirts over here in the new world
With fresh red unspeakable schemes

I was asked for a “story”…..

I was asked by a good friend, for a “story” and here it is……
Well, in a land, far,far away, the People were valued, above Profits, share values and corporations. People came first. Any decision that was to be made, first had to be considered to what and how this would benefit the People, and then the corporation. People were happy and prosperous! Since profits were secondary, items that needed to be purchased, cost less, since the profit levels were lower and CEO’s and management were paid fairly, like the workers. Stock and shareholders were given small bonuses for investing, but not overly rewarded, and the extra profits went back into the people and the ways to improve the business and it’s products, to reduce the cost of those items, for the people that needed them.
There was not a word, called Health Care, since that function was always there and free. The healthier the people, the better the Country was. No one EVER went bankrupt, since there were no costs involved in keeping people healthy. All was good.
There was no Government that told lies or made up stories, that benefited the Government and hurt the People. The Government SERVED the People and that was their only job. No one in the Government became a millionaire, from serving in the Government.
There was never any issues about clean water, air or energy, since energy was now entirely from renewable sources. There was no need to drill or frack, since those products were never needed any longer. Climate Change was not a word there, the Earth, Mother Earth and her People, lived and worked in harmony and never caused insult to Mother Earth! The Earth was good.
Religion was always allowed, but never to be used to try and influence Government or the People. People respected each other and their beliefs and NEVER tried to enforce their beliefs on others. Gay rights was not a word here, just Rights.
There was NO WAR, since there was nothing to fight about. All Peoples were EQUAL and resources were shared and willingly. No one owned the water or the air. As it should be. War was considered a crime and treated as such. No need for the Military or the budget, since there was no use for them. People were respected and ALL were equal.
There were no “Politicians” since those that served, were chosen by the people, for their skills, not their wealth. People served and then returned to their lives. there were NO politicians that served beyond their short term. Being in Government, was a requirement, not a career.
There were still Countries, but only because they had specific needs and goals and none, ever tried to force their needs on another Country. If a Country needed a product or service, then that would be provided and fairly compensated for.
This World came into being, because People realized that they, We,The People, were the ones to direct this World, and not Corporations and Shareholders. There were no longer any “isms”, just PEOPLE working together for a single purpose, to leave this World, in a better place than when they were there……
Hope you enjoyed this “story”
Rich Franco

The American Voter, like a frog in a pot of water…..

Take a stroll through Walmart and try and find something to buy, other than food, that was made, manufactured in the United States! These companies will never return to America to build/manufacture these products! China was sending their products to Viet Nam to make, since it was cheaper there, than being made in China!
The underlying issue or issues, 1. Americans can now ONLY afford things made overseas, for the vast majority of us and now spoiled. 2. Profit for Shareholders, over American jobs and the Middle Class, is slowly making that Middle Class, disappear. And that my friends, is exactly where “THEY” want us.
America and We, The People, are like the proverbial frog in a pot of water and as the water continues to heat up, the frog doesn’t notice and eventually, the frog is boiled!
The American Voter, is that frog and is allowing our Country to be stolen from us, bit by bit and it seems, we don’t notice it is happening……..”What time is Dances with the Stars on tonight……, before or after the “Apprentice?”

New Years, What is the best case scenario?

This is the first year, ever, that I have a difficult time, wishing my friends and unfriends, a Happy New Year. We all, on both sides, are now facing a new and potentially horrible 4 years, led by an unqualified man, to say the least, at one of our most dangerous times.
I’m not one to send thoughts to those that are important to me, without the ability to see that things will be better. I don’t see that and now, hard to “wish” others a good year ahead.
I hope we all, friends and unfriends, will be here next year, this time and that something good has happened since this post. I hope that, at the very least, America comes to it’s senses and sees that WE,The People, need to decide for ourselves, what we want this Country to be and become. So I wish, with my whole heart, that we come out of this, maybe a better and smarter Country and work to return our Country to what it almost was and to what it’s capable to be. We can once again lead the World or “push” the World, like we’ve been doing and I would prefer to lead, rather than force the World to do what we want.
For better or worse, I will increase my efforts to make this a better place for ourselves and our children and their children and I hope you will ALL contribute and assist that effort.I don’t see the Democratic Party doing anything and with the leadership stuck back in the 80’s and 90’s, do not anticipate any great strides.
We have less than 2 years to organize and take back the House and Senate and I see NO effort from the Dems to do so, so that leaves us.
2018 Election is our next goal to recover and begin to fight back and show that our Country isn’t about Corporations, Profits and shareholders. PEOPLE should be “Job ONE!” and I will fight for that to happen.
America is an Oligarchy and we need to first return it to a Democracy and then fix it from there!
Rich Franco

Deregulation and what that means to us, We The People!

From the Environmental attacks, like the Keystone Pipeline, the D.A.P.L. at Standing Rock, increased drilling in the Arctic, increased Fracking and drilling in our Gulf waters, more towns like Flint having clean water issues, selling/leasing lands in our National Parks system to Big Business, to Wall Street, Big Banks and Investment Firms, having LESS regulation, spells disaster for the “We The People” and higher profits for the 1%ers!
Any and every regulation that tries to control or limit what BUSINESS can do, to protect Americans, is now in the cross hairs of the Trump Presidency! The Crash of 2008, was DIRECTLY linked to the lack of REGULATION of the MARKET and now, it will be OPEN SEASON, anything goes, as long as it benefits the Rich and Super Rich, which many of those, are now part of the Trump White House.
Reduction of these regulations and others, that are needed more now than ever and in some cases, should be strengthened, will now be changed and moved in the wrong direction!
This new administration and the problems we will now face, is NOT just about POLITICS, but about the designed and concerted efforts of the Corporations that control our Government, to now become even more profitable, at the expense of the American People. We have seen hundreds of examples,much like they has done both recently(Wells Fargo) and in the Past,BP, Monsanto,etc. “it’s easier to ask for FORGIVENESS than Permission!
When the Businesses, profits and shareholders become more important than the people they serve,
Rich Franco