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What America needs NOW!

Watched the CNN “Debate” last night and was a bit disappointed. Not much of a debate, heard better debates in bars. But really disappointed in John Kasich, who I considered one of the GOOD Republicans and last night, really stayed on that old Party line and danced around questions about Trump and what should Congress do. I just felt he was more “independent” than other Republicans and would have made some newsworthy statements. Bernie was Bernie and did ok.

What I still feel, is that America needs a “NEW” Bernie, now that can drive the Democrats and Independents and even some Republicans, to change the balance in Congress, for 2018. I personally don’t think Trump and/or Pence will be around, if this Russian thing gets to the bottom of this mess, but Republicans will still have control prior to the 2018 Elections.

Remember, many Democrats voted for Trump, because they hated Hillary. Many Independents voted for Trump, because of what the DNC did to Bernie. AND MANY AMERICANS DIDN’T EVEN VOTE, because of the two bad choices. I voted for Hillary, not for her, but for the Democratic Party and the people downstream. I would have voted for Bernie, but like millions of fellow Americans, that choice was stolen by the DNC.

So, what we need NOW, RIGHT NOW, is a new “BERNIE”, that can drive Americans to the 2018 election and force the Republicans back, many back to the rocks they crawled under from.

I think that America needs to swing WAY LEFT now, just to get back where we should be on major programs. Democrats today, are far TOO RIGHT, chasing Republican voters and aren’t saying things like Bernie, Elizabeth and Al Franken are saying. It’s embarrassing watching POLITICS today, with the Democrats still acting like a beaten dog.

We need a FIREBRAND! “a person who is passionate about a particular cause, typically inciting change and taking radical action:”