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Mistakes and how to OWN THEM!

Mistakes! I am haunted at night, usually very late at night, laying in bed and thinking about past mistakes I have made,many, like everyone, but feel mine are more important to me. Which they are not, but at 3:38 a.m., seem important. This is a very selfish endeavor and not enjoyed, but seems to be a thread in my life. If I had done this or had done that or hadn’t done something. Tried harder, tried less. It’s part of being human. And from what I’ve been told, I’m human.
Last week, while working in the yard and listening to NPR and one of the great segments they have, everyday, heard the story of a man that made a mistake, a pretty big mistake and one that few know about or have ever heard about.
His name is Donald Rusk Currey and he made a mistake. I won’t go too much into specifics, but in 1964, August 6TH, as a graduate student, got permission to cut down a tree, a Bristlecone pine tree, to study. He knew it was old, very old, but with permission from the U.S. Forest Service, he cut down this tree. Later, after studying this tree, it was determined that this tree was the OLDEST LIVING ORGANISM on the PLANET! 5,062 YEARS OLD! THE OLDEST LIVING THING ON THE planet AND HE CUT IT DOWN! BAD stuff, huh!
SORTA PALES on our screwups! We have now in America, probably about 10-20 MILLION voters that wished they had voted differently now, with Trump in the White House and for good reason.
We ALL need to begin to think that mistakes were made and there are ways, unlike the oldest tree/organism in the World to recover. We can’t dot his alone and we need our fellow Americans, that made a mistake, to swallow hard, admit that mistake and then CORRECT IT!
We seem to have an opportunity coming soon to do that and I hope that people, WE,THE PEOPLE, accept that mistake. on both sides and work together to fix that mistake!
Rich Franco