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Police Use of Lethal Force, What We’re Not Being Told!

In Thursday’s Orlando Sentinel Edition, 7/4, there is a small article about the Police shooting in Baton Rouge, LA., and the decision of the Justice Dept. to NOT bring charges against the officers who fatally shot Alton Sterling on July 5th, 2016. This story was buried on page 6, not where it should have been, which is on the front cover. Instead of, say “Tree Crew Rescues, Reunites Woodpeckers.”

Read “Curbing Excessive Force: A Primer on Barriers to Police Accountability”, a briefing paper released in April by the American Constitution Society, and you will see that police in America are literally getting away with murder. In 2015, approximately 1,080 people were killed by the police, according to the Justice Department (The Guardian newspaper puts the number at 1,146). Bad enough, but here’s where it gets worse.

Since 2005, ONLY 54 officers have been charged in homicide cases and ONLY 13 officers have been convicted of murder or manslaughter, according to data collected by Bowling Green State University. Of those 54 policemen, 21 have been acquitted and the remaining cases are pending.

The high acquittal rate is perhaps even more troubling given that in
80% of these cases, one of the following occurred: there was a video recording of the incident, the victim was shot in the back, other officers testified against the shooter, or a cover-up was alleged.”

Not done yet with bad numbers. What is NOT stated here, is the total, the Grand total from 2005 to 2015. Let’s just estimate some numbers. Based on the research I’ve done so far, these shootings haven’t just ramped up, but have been steady over the last decade or so. So, for argument’s sake, lets take 1,000/year. That means between 2005 and 2014, 10,000 shootings/killings here in the United States, by cops and out of 10,000 or so, 13 OFFICERS HAVE BEEN CONVICTED! And out of these 10,000 killings, ONLY 54 officers have EVEN been criminally charged! Does this in itself seem “criminal”? How can this be? Why don’t we, as Americans know this stuff? Why isn’t this being reported? What can we do about this?

Well as subscribers, we can DEMAND from our News source that their reporters and editors investigate this crime and begin to hold Police accountable and the Justice Dept accountable too.

Just yesterday, the Justice Dept. announced that it will not be bringing charges against the police officers who shot and killed Alton Sterling in this past July. People wonder why the Black community and the broader white community, no longer trusts local Law Enforcement, with obvious laws being broken, by the police themselves, police unions and the Justice Dept?

What can we do? Well here’s my suggestion. Have Congress pass a law so if there is ANY doubt how a civilian was shot and/or killed, the PRIMARY LEGAL Review will be made by the Community leaders and members. Not Police, Police Unions or the Justice Dept.

When cops, bad cops, under-trained cops or nervous cops use their weapons, illegally, knowing the odds are WAY in their favor, guns will be used more often and more shots fired. If on the other hand, these cops know they will first face a “Tribunal” made up from the community they serve and not be protected by the “Blue Wall”, things will change and change overnight!

We’ve tried the “other system”, allowing cops to “investigate” crimes done by other cops and we now know what those results will be. It’s time to remove the “wall of protection” of cops protecting other cops, the foxes guarding the hen house, if you will so that police who commit these crimes, must face the people in the community that they are paid to “Protect and Serve”. Now is that time!


New Years, What is the best case scenario?

This is the first year, ever, that I have a difficult time, wishing my friends and unfriends, a Happy New Year. We all, on both sides, are now facing a new and potentially horrible 4 years, led by an unqualified man, to say the least, at one of our most dangerous times.
I’m not one to send thoughts to those that are important to me, without the ability to see that things will be better. I don’t see that and now, hard to “wish” others a good year ahead.
I hope we all, friends and unfriends, will be here next year, this time and that something good has happened since this post. I hope that, at the very least, America comes to it’s senses and sees that WE,The People, need to decide for ourselves, what we want this Country to be and become. So I wish, with my whole heart, that we come out of this, maybe a better and smarter Country and work to return our Country to what it almost was and to what it’s capable to be. We can once again lead the World or “push” the World, like we’ve been doing and I would prefer to lead, rather than force the World to do what we want.
For better or worse, I will increase my efforts to make this a better place for ourselves and our children and their children and I hope you will ALL contribute and assist that effort.I don’t see the Democratic Party doing anything and with the leadership stuck back in the 80’s and 90’s, do not anticipate any great strides.
We have less than 2 years to organize and take back the House and Senate and I see NO effort from the Dems to do so, so that leaves us.
2018 Election is our next goal to recover and begin to fight back and show that our Country isn’t about Corporations, Profits and shareholders. PEOPLE should be “Job ONE!” and I will fight for that to happen.
America is an Oligarchy and we need to first return it to a Democracy and then fix it from there!
Rich Franco

Deregulation and what that means to us, We The People!

From the Environmental attacks, like the Keystone Pipeline, the D.A.P.L. at Standing Rock, increased drilling in the Arctic, increased Fracking and drilling in our Gulf waters, more towns like Flint having clean water issues, selling/leasing lands in our National Parks system to Big Business, to Wall Street, Big Banks and Investment Firms, having LESS regulation, spells disaster for the “We The People” and higher profits for the 1%ers!
Any and every regulation that tries to control or limit what BUSINESS can do, to protect Americans, is now in the cross hairs of the Trump Presidency! The Crash of 2008, was DIRECTLY linked to the lack of REGULATION of the MARKET and now, it will be OPEN SEASON, anything goes, as long as it benefits the Rich and Super Rich, which many of those, are now part of the Trump White House.
Reduction of these regulations and others, that are needed more now than ever and in some cases, should be strengthened, will now be changed and moved in the wrong direction!
This new administration and the problems we will now face, is NOT just about POLITICS, but about the designed and concerted efforts of the Corporations that control our Government, to now become even more profitable, at the expense of the American People. We have seen hundreds of examples,much like they has done both recently(Wells Fargo) and in the Past,BP, Monsanto,etc. “it’s easier to ask for FORGIVENESS than Permission!
When the Businesses, profits and shareholders become more important than the people they serve,
Rich Franco

How can that BE?

I saw this on my FB account, from a friend there and thought I would respond. His question or statement, for that matter, was basically, how can people he knows, good people, support Trump? These people, as individuals, would probably give a homeless man their jacket, BUT then vote to decrease funding for things like Food Stamps, Medicare, Planned Parenthood, Obamacare,etc? There’s a major conflict here. How can that BE?
Bob, good point and I think I have a possible answer to your question. And it can be simplified to maybe this statement: Think Globally and Act Locally”. In your example of a “conservative” giving a homeless person a jacket, that’s instinctual and an act of acting Locally”. Voting for Trump, is an example of the “Global” thing. Not instinctual, but learned or taught. Big Stuff seems to switch people back into that “global” place, well mostly for conservatives, and while MANY conservatives do donate, some A LOT to various charities, they find Food Stamps, Medicare and such, abhorrent! That is this conundrum! And I think it’s this. The person giving the jacket/food/cash to a homeless person, is giving that to the “homeless” person of their choice! Not some Government slacker, that’s taking advantage of their TAXES!!! It’s a choice and done under their conditions, not some LIBERAL Plan that gives to all. THEY CONTROL who and when this “gift” is given and the amount of that gift. That’s acting “locally” and those Government Programs is the “global” side.

The Conservatives have been told and mostly by Christian churches, Christian Friends and now, mostly by their Christian Electors, from the mayors to the Senate and Congress and now, by the top of the Party, that these programs foster “lazy people, lazy people on DRUGS!!!” and they believe that, regardless of the facts. If I had $5, I’d bet, that percentage wise, there are MORE Electors on drugs, than Food Stamp recipients!

There is a reason we have a “Christian Right Wing Conservative Party”, because it’s there and still powerful. This is one of the reasons that I’m so opposed to Religion, deciding and controlling our Government, because everything they do, directly opposes what they teach! And yet, they see no conflicts. Or fail to see those conflicts.

So I guess, I don’t see the “paradox” of acting one way and then voting another way. The Republican Party, is mostly about “ME” and not taking anymore of my tax dollars and spending it on “THEM”. While on the other hand, the Democratic Party is more about “THEM” and how can WE use OUR tax dollars to help THEM! Which, if I was a Christian, would seem about right.

This is of course, what terrifies me the most, this new group coming in. Many of them, Billionaires, more “ME” people and trying not to think too much about what our Country might look like in 4 years.

Children born into Poverty, is at it’s highest, EVER and that will NOT IMPROVE, with this bunch. Social Security will at best, stay where it is today, but unlikely increase, even as the cost of living does. Medicare, Obamacare, will be “attacked”, by the “me” people, and further insult will be paid to those struggling.

So, not great times ahead, not to mention the actual “Global” thing, and how the rest of the World, now perceives us and which ones will begin to “push the envelope” against us, Like No. Korea,Russia,China and others.
Here in Florida, would begin to did a new bomb shelter, but hit the water table about 12″ down!
Rich Franco


America will become the new North Carolina!

Here’s what I think

With ALL the bad news lately about Trump and the “appointments” he’s making, people like him, that have no reason to be in Government, much less in or near the White House, there has been something nagging me. Something that I’ve not yet heard discussed or debated and here it is. I believe that the United States will become the “new” North Carolina, under Trump’s watch and here’s what I mean.

When North Carolina passed the law, commonly called the “Transgender” law, which made it illegal, for transgender people, to use the bathrooms that respond to their new “identities” after they have gone through their surgeries. North Carolina also has a history of other forms of“discrimination” against Gays there, Marriage, vendors forced to serve Gays,etc. What happened and happened VERY quickly, was a National and International backlash against that state. From Celebrities canceling major events and concerts. Sports teams not competing there and even businesses, deciding not to move or establish a business in that State.

North Carolina is still feeling those economical decisions by those groups and also International travelers, not coming to visit there, because of the “anti-gay, minority” atmosphere there. Of course, there are good people there, but their Government, Right Wing Christian Conservatives/Evangelicals have control of their Politicians, and THEY that make the laws. They, the State is attempting to back peddle a bit, but as they say there in North Carolina, “the horse is already out of the Barn”.

With that said, I would suggest that with Trump coming into office, Jan.20th,2017, our Nation will begin to experience another “backlash”, but a much larger one and one that will adversely effect our Economy and GDP. There are signs that are already happening around the United States, Racist groups, beginning to “act out”, as their new leader appoints those that are involved with and support Anti-Semitic, Anti-Gay, Anti-Immigrant, and other “hate groups” that have been fed this Neo-Facsim by the Alt-Right Group and from Wiki,”The alt-right has no formal ideology, although various sources have stated that white nationalism is fundamental.[1][2][3] It has also been associated with white supremacism,[4][5],[8][9][10] antifeminismIslamophobia,[6][11] homophobia,[12][13][14] antisemitism,[1][2][15] ethno-nationalism,[16] right-wing populism,[3] nativism,[17] traditionalism, and the neoreactionary movement.[[7]

This has already been seen and shared around the World, to our embarrassment. And people are already beginning to change plans. From Tourism to International Trade, people and businesses are looking at America as a VERY different Country, with Trump and his cronies, running the show. Minorities all around the World, will think twice now, about coming here, once Trump and his ilk are in charge and the “followers” are given free rein to do what they think is right. Why would those visitors chance coming here now, knowing that they themselves might experience this hatred, will visiting our Country.

Why would students come to attend our Universities, knowing full well, that once off the property of the schools, they might be in danger of hate crimes themselves. According to what I’ve researched, America, in 2015, was the second most visited Country, after France, by World Travelers. I think we’ll see a dramatic drop, soon, as those potential visitors change their plans and stay out of this Country, until they feel safe and that will take years!

And as far as International Businesses, they too will have second thoughts on new investments or importing American products, since most can be had elsewhere, from the same Countries that manufacture those goods for us. International Consumers, will begin to make financial choices to, to not purchase American Goods and Services, once the Trump “EFFECT” takes place. Why support a Country, with a President that has himself surrounded by Racists, Bigots and worse, Steve Bannon and his Alt Right connections, among others.

This Election will have a “rippling effect” that we are just now learning about and will be impossible to easily repair once the damage is done. Trump Supporters wanted CHANGE, well here it comes………….

Trump Supporters and Racism

Here’s what I think

These are confusing times, at least to me. Here’s an example. Recently saw a post on FB, from a friend, supporting Trump and trying to establish, he’s not a Racist, which in even good times, not possible and now, impossible(Steve Bannon). I was totally unprepared to see this and surprised, had to look twice, before I was sure, this was the same person that I thought highly of and liked. What’s a person to do?

Trump isn’t some Mitt Romney or John McCain, or John Kasich for that matter, but a new breed of “politician” that lies, gets caught and then continues to lie, throughout the Campaign and then WINS??? We’ve come to this point in America, where actual truth doesn’t matter, just that a “celebrity” can win the White House, by any and ALL means and half the Nation is OK with that.

Of course, I could blame the 100 Million or so Americans that didn’t vote, too busy, didn’t like either candidate, etc.,etc. But the blame really falls on the Democratic Party, Hillary, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the entire DNC. But I’m not here, right now, to blame anyone, now. I’m here to discuss what has happened to America and how we’ve just been pushed back 50-60 years.

It seems that there is a segment of our Country, that wants things like they used to be, back in the 50’s-60’s, when PEOPLE knew their place. “people” being blacks,women, gays,immigrants,etc., those people. Trump and his buddies are now putting together his “staff” and we’re beginning to see what that portends for our collective future. So far, not so good.

Seeing lots of surrogates, supporters and Trump voters, coming out to declare “I voted for Trump, but I’m certainly not a Racist!”, and here’s that conundrum, and the easy answer is “Oh Really!”. The difficult answer will take a bit longer, but I’ll give it a try.

Let’s make this simple, for the Trump people. Here’s an example of what I’m saying. Let’s imagine that you have a great friend, buddy for years, do stuff together, have them over for fun times, etc. One day he shows up and while having a beer or two, asks you to sign a petition he’s got up on Moveon.org. You say sure! He tells you what it is. He’s trying to make “pedophilia” legal, since he’s a pedophile and thinks it should be easier to do, you know, change some laws and stuff.

There is a seismic shift happening, while you’re sitting there and wondering if this is actually happening! This changes EVERYTHING about how you see this guy and where this relationship is going! He’s 90% still the same guy, after all, just this little thing about kids. BUT that little 10% thing, REALLY effects your total image of this person and how you will see this guy, from now on!

Sorta the same thing now, with me and finding out friends, family and others, have voted for Trump and how that changes, forever, your relationship with those people. Can’t “unhear it”! Can’t really accept it. Can’t understand it! They voted for this pathological liar, racist, sexual assaulter, bigot,etc. ? Maybe only 10% has changed but it’s a really BIG 10% to you.

HOW do you EVER reconcile that thought, that your friend,family member, neighbor, can even THINK that Trump is the right guy? “CHANGE”, is usually the answer. “I voted for him, not for all that other silly stuff, but for the CHANGE he’ll bring!”. Yeah, like McCarthy in the 50’s kinda change! Like Mussolini brought some change to Italy.

Bottom line to me, is this, Republicans, want lower taxes, which implies less services for those in need and of course, less taxes, which benefits the rich and super rich, much more than the Middle Class and those below. Democrats, typically want MORE stuff for the Middle Class and those living in Poverty, more services and the RICH being taxed more, to enable that. Seems basic to me. That’s why I’m a Democrat, mostly, much more left than Bernie, since the damage done, will take much more to get America, back on it’s feet.

Anyway, this Country is now divided, more than anytime before, well before the Civil War broke out and I think we’re headed in that direction. Trump supporters are on a path that will lead them into major disappointment, since Trump made “promises” that will never be put into law and they will rebel. Our Military will NOT follow Trump’s direction and then THEY will rebel and Americans, losing more Freedoms, will not accept that and rebel! Not a pleasant FUTURE.

I’ll try and post some more, but just tired now,

Rich Franco