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“Crime of the Century”

Watched a Documentary last night and I watch one every week, sometimes more than one, as part of the “Learning Process”, which should never stop, just because we’re not in a school building anymore, and thought it was rather good. Low budget film, now “old” since it was released in 2009. Filmed and directed by Danny Schechter and called


It’s about the 2008 Collapse of Wall Street and also Middle America, through the “sub-prime mortgage” practice. I learned a few new things, but was struck by one overall feeling and I’ll share it. Let’s play make believe first!

Image, there was an historic crime that took place, the most money EVER STOLEN!!! Billions of DOLLARS!!! People went on TV before and said it was coming, warned the banks, cops, Government,etc. Still happened!

The crooks got away and were NEVER arrested! There were ALL kinds of “investigations” and yet, no one was ever charged with that crime. A few underlings were caught, but really minor players.

A couple of years later, a Major Motion Picture was made of this crime, describing HOW it was done, WHERE it was done and more importantly, WHO did this! Names were NAMED!!! And still, no one was arrested! How can that be??? Most Americans were outraged! “If you know who did this, WHY aren’t they in JAIL!!!” rang out across America. And yet, no one was EVER sent to jail!

Pretty hard to imagine, huh? This could NEVER happen in America, RIGHT! Welllllll…….

It did and the movie was “The Big Short”, big name actors, playing the “REAL” people! Based on facts! And yet……none are in jail.

So for those that think OUR Government is there for us, serving US, protecting US from THEM, ask Obama, after 8 years, why NO ONE IS IN JAIL for this crime. A CRIME that affected the Globe! Hillary wouldn’t have done anything either and now, with Trump, off the plate.

In this movie, it shows how the “wealth” of this Nation, slowly moves from the Middle Class to the top 1%. In 1990, the top 1% had about 25% of the wealth. In 2009, it had moved to 75%. Today, closer to 90%. Not good my friends, not good!

If anyone still wonders where the American Middle Class went, it went into the pockets of the Rich and Super Rich!


New Years, What is the best case scenario?

This is the first year, ever, that I have a difficult time, wishing my friends and unfriends, a Happy New Year. We all, on both sides, are now facing a new and potentially horrible 4 years, led by an unqualified man, to say the least, at one of our most dangerous times.
I’m not one to send thoughts to those that are important to me, without the ability to see that things will be better. I don’t see that and now, hard to “wish” others a good year ahead.
I hope we all, friends and unfriends, will be here next year, this time and that something good has happened since this post. I hope that, at the very least, America comes to it’s senses and sees that WE,The People, need to decide for ourselves, what we want this Country to be and become. So I wish, with my whole heart, that we come out of this, maybe a better and smarter Country and work to return our Country to what it almost was and to what it’s capable to be. We can once again lead the World or “push” the World, like we’ve been doing and I would prefer to lead, rather than force the World to do what we want.
For better or worse, I will increase my efforts to make this a better place for ourselves and our children and their children and I hope you will ALL contribute and assist that effort.I don’t see the Democratic Party doing anything and with the leadership stuck back in the 80’s and 90’s, do not anticipate any great strides.
We have less than 2 years to organize and take back the House and Senate and I see NO effort from the Dems to do so, so that leaves us.
2018 Election is our next goal to recover and begin to fight back and show that our Country isn’t about Corporations, Profits and shareholders. PEOPLE should be “Job ONE!” and I will fight for that to happen.
America is an Oligarchy and we need to first return it to a Democracy and then fix it from there!
Rich Franco

Deregulation and what that means to us, We The People!

From the Environmental attacks, like the Keystone Pipeline, the D.A.P.L. at Standing Rock, increased drilling in the Arctic, increased Fracking and drilling in our Gulf waters, more towns like Flint having clean water issues, selling/leasing lands in our National Parks system to Big Business, to Wall Street, Big Banks and Investment Firms, having LESS regulation, spells disaster for the “We The People” and higher profits for the 1%ers!
Any and every regulation that tries to control or limit what BUSINESS can do, to protect Americans, is now in the cross hairs of the Trump Presidency! The Crash of 2008, was DIRECTLY linked to the lack of REGULATION of the MARKET and now, it will be OPEN SEASON, anything goes, as long as it benefits the Rich and Super Rich, which many of those, are now part of the Trump White House.
Reduction of these regulations and others, that are needed more now than ever and in some cases, should be strengthened, will now be changed and moved in the wrong direction!
This new administration and the problems we will now face, is NOT just about POLITICS, but about the designed and concerted efforts of the Corporations that control our Government, to now become even more profitable, at the expense of the American People. We have seen hundreds of examples,much like they has done both recently(Wells Fargo) and in the Past,BP, Monsanto,etc. “it’s easier to ask for FORGIVENESS than Permission!
When the Businesses, profits and shareholders become more important than the people they serve,
Rich Franco